Celebrating Valentines 2019 with Pastor. He blessed us with a telling of the story of Johnathan and David.  Thank you Pastor!


Making play clay together and using this as an opportunity to learn about turn taking, counting, measuring, texture and colours.

Our Goals and Objectives

Sowing Seeds Preschool is aiming to strengthen children, families, and communities by providing  nurturing,  safe, and quality experiences for preschoolers. 

Our preschool is striving to foster opportunities for children to develop emotionally, physically, cognitively, creatively, and spiritually. More specifically, our licensed staff is highly qualified

  • to provide children with quality programming with diverse learning experiences in a safe environment

  • to model grace and love through Christian role modeling and leadership

  • to provide stable, consistent caregiving and education to all children enrolled, of all abilities and  all backgrounds

  • to strengthen the family by supporting and assisting parents in their parenting role through occasional seminars and community resources being made available to families

*Sowing Seeds is sponsored and prayerfully supported by Faith Lutheran Church, a not -for - profit Christian organization